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World Happiness Report 2021 (English)

COVID-19. It’s not over yet, but as we struggle with next (hopefully weakening) waves, it’s time to look into the future. And draw some lessons from what we learned so far.

The World Happiness Report 2021 gives us some directions and I recommend you to take a look at it. It’s a publication of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, powered by data from the Gallup World Poll and Lloyd’s Register Foundation.


Few highlights for those too busy to go through it:

👉🏻 it focuses on (1) the effects of COVID-19 on the structure and quality of people’s lives and (2) describes and evaluates how governments all over the world have dealt with the pandemic

👉🏻 it discusses factors supporting successful COVID-19 strategies:

(1) confidence in public institutions,
(2) income equality,
(3) whether the country had or learned from the lessons from SARS or other earlier pandemics
(4) whether the head of government was a woman (23 countries of 163 used in research were led by woman and those countries have tended to favor making policy with overall well-being as the objective) 

👉🏻 it shows reasons for success in suppressing spread of virus in Asia-Pacific region as opposed to failure of North Atlantic countries

👉🏻 it gives hints to companies and leaders as how to prepare for the future for similar crisis – pointing out that certain drivers for workplace happiness (achievement, purpose and learning) lost importance while flexible work schedules and supportive management became more important during pandemic

Whole report can be found here: https://lnkd.in/guumBtxr


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